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Dangerous baby products can mean a lifetime of care costs

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

Infants and even toddlers are reliant on their parents. Adults need to work around the clock to keep babies safe and meet their basic needs.

For many parents, baby products can make adding a new family member a little easier. From strollers to carry the baby’s weight to formula to allow for on-demand feeding by any caregiver, there are numerous items that people buy for the convenience and well-being of their baby.

Consumers generally expect these products to be safe, but sometimes they can cause a catastrophic issue for a family if they fail. 

Infant and baby products can cause lifelong issues

A defective tableside child seat that detaches could lead to an infant brain injury. Small parts that break off of a poorly-designed toddler toy could lead to a choking incident, which could also cause brain damage.

Parents need to be able to trust the products they buy, but sometimes manufacturers make big mistakes. The recent formula recall is a perfect example. Bacterial contamination in the formula sickened several children and killed at least two, leading to a large-scale recall of infant formula. Other recent infant products recalled have included toys and even infant chairs and pillows that could cause suffocation.

A recall can get dangerous products off the shelves, but often not before the product causes significant harm to a few people. From broken bones that cause growth plate damage and uneven physical development to disfiguring facial wounds, there are many lasting injuries that defective products could potentially cause. Not only could there be a lifetime of medical care, but possibly even lost wages for a parent who serves as a caregiver because of the incident.

Identifying not just the liability of the manufacturer but the long-term cost of the incident can help those impacted by a dangerous or defective product.

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