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Just how safe is your apartment?

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Premises Liability

When you rent an apartment, the assumption is that the landlord has created a safe space. After all, you didn’t do the upkeep and maintenance. It’s not your property. You trust that they took care of everything. 

But did they? This type of work can be expensive. A landlord who is trying to save money may skip some important steps or just ignore dangerous conditions. You need to know what to look for. 

Examples of dangerous conditions and hazards 

Only you can know what is dangerous in your apartment. The following are some common examples, though, so that you know what to watch out for:

  • The outlets have not been wired properly. They may not work at all, or there could even be black marks around them. Many apartment fires start with electric issues just like these.
  • The wrong outlet was used. Do you not have a GFI in the bathroom? That could be a problem. 
  • The apartment contains dangerous materials. Examples could be lead paint or asbestos insulation. 
  • The elevator doesn’t work, or the stairs are broken. Even something as simple as a loose railing can be a serious hazard if it leads to a fall. 
  • The locks, windows, lights, and other security features are broken or do not work. You could be more at risk of getting injured while a crime takes place. 
  • The appliances don’t work correctly. A stove that is broken could lead to a dangerous gas leak, for instance. 

If you have been injured in your apartment because your landlord neglected your safety, you may be able to seek considerable compensation for your injuries

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