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2 business practices that could lead to serious slip-and-fall

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Premises Liability

Every business should do its best to maintain safe and clean facilities. After all, they have an obligation to do so under premises liability statutes; otherwise, someone who gets hurt while visiting the business can sue. Someone injured when they slip and fall in the store, for example, could make an insurance claim or even file a lawsuit against the retail establishment.

Generally, for a person hurt in a slip-and-fall to have grounds to file a civil lawsuit, they need to show some amount of negligence on the part of the business. Either of the following questionable business practices below could leave a company or landlord liable for someone’s injuries when they fall.

Understaffing leads to cleanliness issues

It is common for companies to maintain the minimum amount of staff possible to keep their business operational. This approach helps keep costs low, but it might mean that important tasks go unperformed when things get busy. If you slipped in a spill that went uncleaned because there were not enough workers on the schedule, that could contribute to a possible slip-and-fall claim.

Delaying business or equipment maintenance 

A leaky roof or a busted condenser on a freezer could cause fluid to accumulate on the floors that make someone fall. If the issue that directly contributed to your falling stemmed from the business’s decision to not repair or maintain crucial systems, that negligent attitude toward maintenance could give you grounds to file a premises liability claim.

When a business does not actively prevent people from tripping and falling or engages in negligent maintenance behaviors, it may ultimately be responsible for people’s injuries. Knowing some of the main causes of premises liability could help you properly respond when you slip and fall in a business. 

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