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Workers aren’t the only ones injured at construction sites

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Construction Accidents

As New York City comes alive again, we’re seeing more and more construction projects throughout the city. While they’re a sign of growth and renovation, they also bring noise, inconvenience and risk to those walking, biking or scootering around the streets.

Construction firms, contractors and others responsible for a construction site have a responsibility to keep the public out of dangerous areas with barricades and post signage to alert people to construction taking place – particularly if some areas of the site are accessible. However, serious and sometimes fatal accidents still occur.

What causes these accidents?

Accidents around construction sites can range from tripping over debris or an uneven surface that wasn’t properly cordoned off to being struck by equipment or construction material. One woman died after being hit by a piece of plywood that flew off a fence around a Greenwich Village construction site.

While people need to heed the warning signs and remain outside of areas that aren’t open to the public, tragic incidents like the one noted above still occur. If they happen because there was a failure to properly secure the area, because of faulty materials or equipment or because a worker wasn’t taking care when operating machinery or otherwise doing their job. 

When this happens, victims or surviving loved ones can and should hold the responsible parties liable. Determining just who that is and then getting them to take responsibility is another matter. Construction companies, general contractors and subcontractors can all point fingers at one another in an attempt to shift the blame – sometimes to the victim themselves.

With experienced legal guidance, you can determine who was at fault and can be held liable. This can help you get the compensation you need for medical bills and other expenses and damages. 

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