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The greatest risk to motorcyclists: Other drivers

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Those who do not ride motorcycles often stereotype riders as thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies who take risks and cause serious accidents. When a motorcyclist crashes, they assume that the rider was at fault and should have done more to avoid the wreck.

However, studies contradict this and show that most two-vehicle accidents between cars and motorcycles are actually the fault of those in the cars. It is not motorcyclists who are usually negligent or reckless. Most are very safe, cautious riders. The biggest risk they face is that someone else is going to cause an accident. When it happens, the person in the car may be entirely uninjured, but the motorcyclist may have life-changing injuries or may even pass away in the wreck.

The role of distracted driving

One reason for these accidents is that drivers are often distracted by their phones. They don’t watch the road carefully enough. They make mistakes, and motorcyclists pay the price.

After all, a motorcycle is smaller and harder to spot than a car under the best of circumstances. When a driver is looking at their phone and not the road, there is almost no chance they’ll see the bike. Many drivers are completely shocked when they cause these accidents because they had no idea the motorcycle was even nearby.

You do have rights if you get injured

Being a motorcyclist can be frustrating since you feel like your own safety is in someone else’s hands. You have to face these risks every day. The good news is that you do have rights to compensation if you get injured.

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