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What should you do if you suffer a hit-and-run as a pedestrian?

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents

The sidewalk should be a safe place to walk. Yet, every so often, a car leaves the street and mounts the curb, injuring or killing innocent pedestrians. Crossings are another dangerous place for pedestrians. Some drivers fail to give way or stop and can hit you as you cross the road.

Drivers in New York City have killed 41 pedestrians so far this year. That is a significant increase over each of the last three years. Police still have not caught some of the drivers who were responsible. Any collision with a car is likely to leave you with severe injuries and mounting medical bills. When the driver flees the scene, the chance to claim against their insurance becomes more difficult.

Eyewitnesses are crucial in a hit and run with pedestrians

If a vehicle knocks you down, the chances are someone saw it. Unfortunately, many people prefer to carry on rather than stop and wait to give their contact details to the police. If you can act after the incident, or if you are with someone else who was hit by a car, working fast is crucial to gain evidence. Taking a photo with your cellphone may help police to identify the vehicle responsible. Taking a picture of the crowd may help you secure someone as a witness.

Claiming the compensation you need will not be straightforward. It will require thorough invesitgation of all resources available to identify the driver who injured you. Knowing how to obtain video from street cameras and privately owned cameras along the route and knowing who to talk to in the police department can all increase your chances of success.

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